Who We Are

We are a group of Christadelphians who meet in Rugby to worship, study and teach others about the hope contained in the Bible… But what is a Christadelphian?

The Christadelphians are a community of people who believe the Bible. It forms the basis of their faith. A careful study has led them to have a common understanding of what the Bible teaches about God, His son Jesus, and how this should affect our lives. This common understanding unites us all as an international family, through the faith we share. The idea of Christadelphians as a family united in Jesus Christ is reflected in our name, which is Greek for ‘Brethren in Christ’.

We are a group of men and women who fervently believe that the Bible is the word of God. Therefore, we do not doubt that its message is of vital importance to our eternal well-being. We believe the Bible contains the declared word of God concerning the earth and its inhabitants, and implicitly believe, and preach, the things taught by Jesus and his apostles.

The name ‘Christadelphians’ was chosen to distinguish us from other religious groups, particularly as the apostles taught that believers should be separate and distinct from other communities (see 2 Corinthians 6:14-18). The name means ‘brethren of Christ’, and all adherents have been baptised, submitting to bodily immersion in accordance with apostolic teaching (see Romans 6). We also recognise the need to obey the commandments of Jesus by applying them in every walk of life. Jesus made clear that he recognises those only as his brethren (and sisters) who “do the will of my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 12:50).

Christadelphians acknowledge the need to become Jews inwardly (Romans 2:28, 29), so that they may be reckoned to be “Abraham’s seed” (see Galatians 3:27-29). Jesus taught that “salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22), and the apostle Paul leaves us in no doubt that the hope of a true Christian is “the hope of Israel” (see Acts 26:6 and 28:20).

The scriptures clearly demonstrate that the divine plan is centred on the nation of Israel, whom God declares to be his specially chosen people. That is why he often refers to himself in the Bible as “the God of Israel”. Therefore, the gospel of salvation was first preached to Abraham, the father of the Jewish race (see Galatians 3:8), and the believer’s hope of salvation is inextricably bound up with the Jewish nation.

It is remarkable that the Jewish race has survived throughout the past centuries, especially considering the terrible persecutions they have endured. Although they have been scattered all over the world, their recent restoration as a nation in their own land is evidence that God’s purpose will come to fruition. This entails the re-establishment of the kingdom of God in the land of Israel, with Jerusalem as its capital and Jesus as its king.

His righteous rule will bring untold blessings to all, throughout the earth, who seek to obey the divine laws (see Isaiah 2:1-4). The gospel is a call to men and women to believe and obey 

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